New Beginnings

Hi there! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog of mine by accident, welcome! If you found me through my share, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Rachael! And this blogging thing ain’t my first rodeo! I have a blog that I used to document my first pregnancies. You can read all about that here. Many of my family, friends and colleagues enjoyed reading my previous blog and so, I’ve decided to take it a step further. I have quite a few life changes ahead of me (hear about those in the near future) and I am doing my best to make my blog a full-time gig.

I have always loved writing, thanks to my fourth grade English teacher. I have found it to be a creative outlet, a sort of release, a safe place where I can let it all out there. At first, it was something I found quite nerve wracking, especially putting it on the internet, but when I received so many positive responses, I felt the need to keep it going.

Blogging has been the most challenging for me having to work full-time as an elementary school teacher. Especially now having a 9 month old, 19 students in the classroom, and a husband who can never find his keys, pants, phone, work bag, shoes, the can opener, etc… it always kind of was put on the back burner.

With all that being said – I am so excited to make this more of a commitment! I am dedicated to this and so excited to be on a new journey! Thank you for joining me!

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